Digital Nomad


Work with a sea view

Gem At the Beach is located in Costa Vicentina, one of the most relaxing places in Portugal, where nature embraces the sea, being the perfect to spot to sharpen your creativity by allowing you to work with a sea view and go for a walk on the beach or in the hidden villages during your breaks.


What is a Digital Nomad?

A lot has been said about Digital Nomads, a concept which describes an individual that, given the technology of these days, does not need a fixed location to work, being able to perform all their duties remotely, from everywhere in the World. Digital Nomadism allows you to work while travelling, living in a nomadic lifestyle, being able to carry your job (literally!) anywhere you would choose to go. This is not a profession – it is a way of life.

What are the advantages of being a Digital Nomad?

A flexible timetable
Nothing screams “freedom” more than being able to choose to work during the more productive hours for us and manage the time available matching our needs and all the tasks needed to perform in a day.

Adjust your cost of living to your earnings
Working remotely lets you choose to live in a place with a lower cost of living.

A job that matches your life
Instead of arranging all your life around your job, it is the job that adapts to you – what a better way of becoming a happy and fulfilled human being, both personally and professionally?

Discovering new places and getting to know people
It is almost impossible to talk about Digital Nomadism without mentioning the biggest benefit of becoming a Digital Nomad (and it is what makes this way of life so rewarding): the possibility of visiting a lot of countries (after all, you don’t need wait for your vacations to travel!) and getting to know different cultures in a way that a tourist that is only passing by doesn’t have the chance to.

However, and it is important to demystify this aspect, Digital Nomadism does not mean to keep travelling all the time – it just means you don’t need to be in the same physical place as your co-workers/customers are to perform your duties.

What are the challenges of becoming a Digital Nomad?

Being a Digital Nomad can be quite an effort since you need to keep readjusting yourself to a new reality: your workplace changes from time to time and you have to be as flexible as possible. If, at first glance, it even looks like an appealing lifestyle, on the other hand it can also bring you some stress as you need to adapt to a new routine constantly.

Not everyone will be able to do so; to step off their comfort zone so frequently and keep redefining the places where they will be and at which time they are going to work after all. It’s not as simples as it seems, but, at the same time, it is a way of life that can deeply broaden one’s horizons.

Staying productive may also be a challenge. For some people, making their own schedule leads to procrastination and the feeling that they might save their tasks for later. Organization and self-discipline are key.

The same goes for the ability to disconnect. As a Digital Nomad, it might be hard to separate both the personal and professional fields. Prioritize and keep your work apart from your leisure time, so you might be able to keep your sanity and creativity – and what place would be better suited for this than Vila Nova de Milfontes?

How to ensure you can keep changing places regularly and still meet all your professional goals?

First and foremost, it is paramount that you create and define your own work routine. It doesn’t mean you have to follow a strict procedure (like you’d have to if you were to go to an office every day with a fixed schedule), but it’s important that you establish if you’re going to work in the morning, during the afternoon or even at night.

Having a clear routine that works best for you will help you meet all your goals, no matter the place you choose for work: being one of the balconies in Gem At the Beach, the tranquillity provided by the living room or even in the café by the sea. Set weekly goals in your agenda, check all the deadlines you will have to meet, define how many work hours per day you need to accomplish all the tasks and everything will happen smoothly.

How easy it is living a digital nomadic life in Portugal?

Even if working from home is what you prefer, it is crucial that you’re able to get out every now and then to have a coffee, go to a coworking space or, even better, for a change of scenery, moving to another region.

Portugal is the full package: whether you appreciate the mountainside, the beach or the city buzz, there are lots of appealing options to every Digital Nomad. In addition, being a touristic destination, what’s certainly not lacking here are accommodation offers – Gem At the Beach is one you should consider in the southern coast of the country.

Why is Gem At the Beach the perfect accommodation for Digital Nomads?

The beach house Gem At the Beach, in Vila Nova de Milfontes, is totally prepared to accommodate Digital Nomads since, besides providing a great Wi-Fi service with optical fibre (essential to meet the needs of everyone working online), it has a nice living room and two balconies for those who enjoy working while getting some fresh air.

Furthermore, a fully equipped kitchen allows you to do all your household chores as you were at home – cooking, doing your laundry, etc. We’re perfectly aware that a Digital Nomad isn’t a tourist, being someone who enjoys living like a local.

Whether you’re staying for just a week or even a month, in Gem At the Beach you’ll have everything you need and a team you can rely on.