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Gematthebeach.pt is a website created to advertise and manage reservations at Gem At The Beach, located in Vila Nova de Milfontes.

This local accommodation is registered with license number: 41779 / AL.

How are reservations made?

Reservations at the local accommodation Gem At The Beach can be made through this website or by calling +351 933 536 781, depending on space availability.

After the reservation request, this is only confirmed after fulfilling the payment conditions below.


How and when is the payment made?

Reservations are guaranteed by paying the full amount of the accommodation reservation for the desired dates.

This payment must be made by bank transfer according to the following data:

– NIB: 0010 0000 58258840001 24

– IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 58258840001 24


The booking confirmation is only made after sending proof of the payment to the email gematthebeach@gmail.com.

If these payment conditions are not met, Gematthebeach.pt reserves the right to automatically cancel the reservation.

If the payment is not made, the reservation is not guaranteed, so Gem At The Beach reserves the right to accept reservations from other customers for the dates considered.  

How can I cancel a reservation?

The cancellation of a reservation can be made at any time by the guest. However, you should be aware that, depending on the conditions under which you do this, you may have to bear the costs inherent in the reserve.

Thus, if you cancel a reservation 15 days before the check-in date, Gematthebeach.pt will refund the amounts already charged in full.

But if the cancellation is made within 14 days prior to the check-in date, Gematthebeach.pt reserves the right to keep the 30% of the total reservation amount.

When there is no cancellation of the reservation and the guest does not show up on the check-in date, the amount of the first night booked will be charged in full.

When staying at Gem At The Beach, the guest can cancel the accommodation at any time, but there will be no refund.


How is check-in and check-out done?

Check-in must be done after 4 pm on the scheduled arrival date of the reservation.

The guest must inform Gem At The Beach of their arrival time.

Upon check-in, the guest must identify himself with the respective Citizen Card / Identity Card / Passport or other official document considered valid

Check-out must be done by 10 am on the departure date.

If the accommodation is not vacated after 11 am, compensation will be charged in the amount of the stay for one night. Despite this, the guest can only use the accommodation if it has not been booked for that date. If the accommodation is booked, the guest will have to leave as soon as possible, after paying the said compensation.


What if I don't sleep in the accommodation during one of the reserved nights?

The price of the booked stay is charged per night, regardless of whether the guest is staying in the room or not.

To cancel or make changes to your reservation, you must do so under the conditions mentioned above ,also assuming responsibility for any charges associated with canceling the dates initially agreed.

Do I need to bring bedding, bath towels and crockery to the accommodation?

No. Gem At The Beach is equipped with the necessary household items to use the beds and bathrooms, as well as to make your meals.

However, you must bring your personal hygiene products, as well as food if you want to consume and cook meals in the accommodation. Gem At The Beach offers its guests soaps in the bathrooms.

Where can I park my car?

Gem At The Beach does not have private parking. However, you can park without problems outside the accommodation, where there are free public parking spaces.

Can I take my pet to the accommodation?

Gem At The Beach does not accept accommodation with pets. If the guest takes an animal to the accommodation, in spite of this prohibition, Gem At The Beach reserves the right to request its immediate departure, without refunding the amounts already paid for the stay.

I have children. How are the accommodation conditions for children?

Children are welcome at Gem At The Beach. Although the accommodation has stairs, there are protections for them.

Gem At The Beach also offers its guests a baby cot, baby bath and chair to eat for free. But you must mention that you need this equipment when booking.

In case you need more than one baby cot, you should call Gem At The Beach by phone to check if there is availability in that regard.


Can I take friends to sleep in the accommodation or receive visitors?

Temporary visits are permitted with the prior consent of Gem At The Beach management. However, only the persons mentioned in the accommodation reservation can remain in the space during the reserved period.

Guests, as well as their visitors, must preserve the accommodation, respecting the conditions in which they find it and taking care to avoid damage. The spaces used must be left in good condition and clean.

The spaces used must be left in good condition and clean.


If I damage something in the accommodation, do I have to pay?

Guests are responsible for all damages, breakdowns and possible theft detected in the accommodation. Therefore, they will be charged the respective amount for these losses.

Minors must be accompanied and supervised by the adult guests who will be responsible for them and their actions.


What if some personal good disappears?

Gem At The Beach is not responsible for the personal property of the guests that, therefore, are exclusively responsible for them.

Therefore, it is recommended that you always take care to keep the doors of the building closed.

In case of theft, damage to the accommodation, fire, flood or other situations that cause damage to the space, the guest must immediately inform the management of Gem At The Beach by phone: +351 933 536 781


What do I do if I have an emergency?

In case of emergency, the guest must make use of the contacts that are provided in the regulation of the accommodation that is on the site.

Is smoking allowed in Gem At The Beach?

Smoking is not allowed inside the house, but you can do it on the outside space of the balconies - ashtrays are available.

Is it allowed to light the fireplace?

You can light the fireplace to keep warm, but don't put it out with water - wait for the wood to burn until the end.

What if I want to make a complaint?

You can make your presentation through the Complaints Book that we make available on this website. However, you can and should submit your feedback and / or suggestions over the phone at Gem At The Beach (+351 933 536 781).

If you have specific complaints regarding the accommodation conditions, Gem At The Beach is ready to remedy the situation, as long as the complaints presented are legitimate and relevant and as far as possible, considering the availability of the space

What are Gem At The Beach's responsibilities?

Gem At The Beach has a duty to ensure proper hygiene, safety and cleaning conditions.

It is not responsible for looking after the personal property of its guests, nor for ensuring the security of their payment data through the use of existing electronic channels.

Gem At The Beach cannot be held responsible for any delays or failures in providing accommodation in circumstances associated with force majeure reasons (for example, strikes, natural disasters, accidents, pandemics and others).

What are my duties as a guest?

The guest must look after the accommodation, treating all spaces, objects and equipment inside with respect and care.

You should also avoid making exaggerated noises that can disturb your neighbors between 11 pm and 7 am.

It is the guest's duty to respect all established rules, collaborating so that their stay runs within the normal expectancy and with all the desired conditions.

The guest must also ensure that the accommodation is as it was received upon departure, refraining from taking anything that does not belong to him.

November 2020